Artists are storytellers. Everything they create comes from a memory, a moment in time that impacted them so greatly that they had to share it with the world. While also looking into their past, artists raise new ideas to fit into our dynamic world and challenge people’s viewpoints. We tell our own stories with a twist so they can be showcased to the world in a beautiful, meaningful way. My art holds pieces of my past while also trying to fit into the ever-changing present. It is a way to materialize my memories and share them in a way that makes sense in the modern world in order to bridge the past and the present together for multiple generations.

Al Buknaq

One of my series, “Al Buknaq” holds pieces of Qatar’s heritage. During my childhood, I was raised around young girls who wore the buknaq. Today the wearing of the buknaq is seen less and less, a mainstay worn by older generations.

I wanted to preserve a piece of my own past and a piece of Qatar’s history through “Al Buknaq.”

The pieces themselves are sculptures with hands and legs but no faces. The sculptures are wearing this traditional piece of clothing. The materials I use vary and include bronze, iron, resin, and stainless steel. My little figures allowed me to perfectly capture a part of my past while modernizing it in a way that is interesting for my audience. “Al Buknaq” is the closest to my heart because it represents a core part of my childhood and growing up. It eternalizes a part of the past that was fading; a memory of childhood. I want to hold on to that and I want all generations to connect with it somehow whether it be like me, remembering the past, or learning about something new and seeing it in a different light.


Much like “Al Buknaq,” my piece “Al Battoulah,” holds another piece of Qatar’s culture and is associated with memories of my grandmother. As a young girl, I stared at her battoulah in awe as my mind thought about the stories hidden underneath it. Looking back this was probably what sparked my creativity alongside art. I was allowing my mind to wander and go beyond reality, creating stories to make sense of the world. Women used to tie basil to their veils. The scent would linger wherever they walked. A deep feeling of nostalgia sinks in every time basil wafts in the air, transporting me back to my childhood and the Battoulah. I wanted to create this piece in order to capture that nostalgia, while also adding that modern twist with the materials I used. I love connecting with people through my memories and art. Any piece created that derives from a deep-rooted memory will surely speak to others as it is fused with your passion and drive to share your story with the world.